Pelican Paradise
A Timor-Leste Development
Empowering the Next Generation

  • Vision

    To empower the next generation in Timor-Leste

  • Mission

    To bring positive transformation to Timor-Leste through thoughtful and sustainable developments

  • Core Values

    Passion and Creativity
    Customer Focus
    Community Involvement

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

82% of the masterplan is dedicated to reforestation and restoration of local flora.

The development utilizes renewable energy sources, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and bio-sewerage plants.

Economic Sustainability

The development focuses on establishing tourism as a key economic pillar.

The entire project is expected to create 14,000 employment opportunities for local Timorese.

Social Sustainability

Promoting healthy communities and local economic prosperity for all.

Funds will be channelled back into the community through a foundation, with a focus on vocational training, education, and health and sanitation.