Executive Director, Dr Jeremiah Chan walks the grounds of Phase 1 of Pelican Paradise Project

Executive Director, Dr Jeremiah Chan walks the grounds of Phase 1 of Pelican Paradise Project. Thephase 1 consist of two properties which is a luxury 5 Star Service Apartment and 5 Star hotel.

Pelican Paradise promises to guarantee the execution of the largest investment in Tasi Tolu and Tiba

Datuk Dr Edward Ong explains how the Pandemic has slowed down the process further despite having the Licenses to start construction. The company had to wait to sign the Special Investment Agreement (SIA) with the government before commencing with the Tender process to select a Contractor.

Pelican Paradise Garante Investimento Em Tasi Tolu E Tibar

Pelican Paradise Executive Director, Dr Jeremiah Chan was featured in the news explaining that the delay of the construction has taken years because the government needs time to cohesively make a decision as one government body. Dr Chan explains that the project will have positive effects on the country, environmentally, economically and socially. Dr Chan … read more

The Horta Show

Pelican Paradise Group President, Datuk Dr Edward Ong, Datin Enung Ong and Elaine Ong was interviewed by His Excellency Dr Jose Ramos Horta on the Pelican Paradise Project.

The Construction of Pelican Paradise will be start in November 2022

The President of Pelican Paradise met with the President of RDTL JRH at President Palace to update the progress of the project which includes new modern designs of Phase 1 of the development (service Apartments and 5 Star Hotel).

Pelican Paradise Signs the Special Investment Agreement with Timor Leste Government on the 3rd January 2022

Speeches made in the video were from His Excellency, Eng. Joaquim Amaral the Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs and His Excellency, Dr Fidelis Manuel Leite Magalhães the Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers followed by Dr Datuk Edward Ong President of Pelican Paradise Group.