Future Developments

Upcoming Projects

Future Developments - Hospital


The 350-bed hospital will be the first and only international class healthcare facility in Timor-Leste upon completion. Equipped with the most advanced technology there is to offer, the hospital will set a world-class standard of healthcare in Timor-Leste.

Future Developments - International School

International School

The international school will offer world-class education as well as feature a state-of-the-art sports complex and dormitory facilities. It will aim to provide a strong foundation through an internationally recognised curriculum that meets the university standards.

Future Developments - Convention and Exhibition Hotel

Convention and Exhibition Hotel

The Convention and Exhibition hotel will have a total of 464 rooms including two presidential suites, a 1500-capacity ballroom, a large convention and exhibition centre to host large events, a chapel for wedding events, a gymnasium, a luxurious spa facility, and restaurants.

Future Developments - Golf Course

Golf Course

The 18-hole golf course will help restore and improve the currently degraded environment around the lakes. It has been built to Championship Standards in order to host International Golf Events. It will be one of the most iconic courses with ocean views, lagoons, rocky outcrops, mangroves, and cultural and memorial sites.

The designer, Mr. Harley Kruse, is one of the founding members of the Australian Golf Environmental Organization. He specialises in designing environmentally-friendly golf courses.

Future Developments - Commercial Hub

Commercial Hub

A total of three commercial hubs will be developed. These commercial hubs will house a variety of services, retailers, restaurants, and offices, forming the country's central business district.

Future Developments - Bungalow Lots

Condominiums and Bungalows

An ideal accommodation option for all, with the choice of living in a condo-style apartment with facilities or designing and building your dream home from the ground up.